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Tokyo and Technology
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Not only is Tokyo well renowned for its technological advancement but also for maintaining olden structures and heritage. In a city where every part of land has been used to the fullest extent, they have ensured ancient structures are protected from being bulldozed. These structures add a lot to the city. The structures speak for themselves, as to why Tokyo has always been one of the finest cities where modern engineering meets centuries old engineering. The trends and fashion in the city is also always on the up. You can shop in Tokyo, where there are modern malls, window-shopping channels and the best of designer shops. You can also buy antic Japanese products, which you can get in the market. These markets are open fields, making it a unique and antique way to go shopping. Tokyo is a city that anyone would love to visit, and surely if you have visited it for once, you will always want to go there again.

However a visit to Tokyo would mean a costly affair but you can reduce the cost of your holiday expense by ensuring that you browse the net and you will be provided with information regarding every cost that you will have to incur ranging from travelling, boarding, sightseeing expenses, et al. In my list, I would rate Tokyo as a must visit place.

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